Hormonal balance
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Hormonal balance!

The functioning of the endocrine glands influences the entire body. Nowadays this extremely fine balance, resembling the mechanism of a Swiss watch, often disturbs itself. If the imbalance becomes meaningful, its effects reverberate on many functions of the body.

What can you do for your hormonal balance through your lifestyle?
- through a healthy and correct nutrition you can mantain or get to normal body weight;
- find and perseverantly follow, regularly practice forms of movement, types of training that are right for you;
- learn about stress management and easily adapt to everyday changes and hardships;
- realize your health goals within a complex lifestyle program and do not fall from one extreme to the other.

Natural hormonal balance with AVIVA motion technique
If you surch on the Internet, you will most likely find AVIVA success stories about babies conceived during the learning and practice of this method. But this technique is much more than that, it's actually a wonderful package of a healthy lifestyle. A system of motion with effect on the hormonal system, supported by a comprehensive counseling program on an adequate lifestyle. The method is totally natural, based on the pleura, obtained inside the body through a series of special, rhythmic movements, built upon well-defined rules.

The inventor and gymnast developer of AVIVA, Gabriella Steiner,  has noticed that the pleura obtained through a series of specific movements has regulated the menstrual cycle of many women who previously suffered from cycle disorders and many women, considered infertile until then, got pregnant.

The method is effective in incontinence as well, but has also brought improvements in many other cases  like cysts, fibroids, formed at the level of genital organs and other states in the  small basal . This technique provides natural and menopausal help.

AVIVA technique is also for men, as it can mean natural support in prostate disorders, male infertility, and other male-related health issues.  

Or you just simply want to practice a gentler, more pleasant, more dancing, more joyful movement? You wish to have better blood circulation in the lower abdomen, strengthen your pelvic and sphincter muscles? Try it out and practice AVIVA regularly!

How does it work?
The movement produces the expected effect by engaging the external and internal muscles of the lower part of the abdomen, by moving the perineal and the buttock muscles. The intense training of these muscles intensifies blood circulation in the area. Thus, more hormones, vitamins and other vital substances reach the target organs. The described mechanism leads to the optimized functioning of the internal genitalia. Reflective, it can also produce positive effects on the central gland, the pituitary gland.

What kind of motion systems does the method contain?
Complex motion systems serve to achieve individual goals.
Depending on the life cycle and the various motivations, starting with the  Basic Techniques, Pleure-Sourcing Techniques, and Ovulation Stimulation Exercises, you can learn and practice Pregnancy Gymnastics, Postnatal Recovery Training, Incontinence Exercises, or Men's Gymnastics, specially created for men.

How can the exercises be learned and practiced?
If you wish to acquire the Basic Techniques, the plethora bringing, then, within an introductory course, you shall learn the basics and the way you can practice this method, depending on the individual parameters. Later on, you can take part in the training classes, organized by a professional trainer. Other movement systems can be taught in small groups, or during individual counseling and practice at training courses, under the trainer's guidance or at home.
You can own all the systems of motion also online, if you have minimum technical equipment, like Skype, or Wiber, FaceTime, or other Internet telephony networks and a webcam. You can also request tracking, exercise sessions, online.

I am interested in the AVIVA technique! I have other questions about this technique! I wish to take part in an introductory course or individual consultation!

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