Smart training for abdominal muscles
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Smart training for abdominal muscles

Would you rebuild your separated abdominal right muscles? You have a hernia disk, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia and have not yet found the abdominal exercises suitable for these? You wish to get rid of abdominal fat, lose weight constantly and steadily? You suffer from back pain? You have a sedentary life and want a form of movement that you can practice successfully at home? Or you just want to have a more beautiful, flatter, more muscular abdomen?

Are you aware that if your right muscular abdomen is injured, you suffer from hernia (inguinal hernia, herniated disc, umbilical hernia), back pain, you can not do any exercise for the abdomen? This is due to the fact that most abdominal trainings do not take into account these special cases, life situations!

But with this abdominal muscle development and regeneration technics, you can work also when you do not suffer from any of the conditions listed above, and just want to get a more beautiful, muscular, stronger abdomen! This method was specially designed to restore abdominal right muscles, for regeneration in diastasis recti. It is a system of abdominal muscular recovery, a scientifically researched technique, recognized in ever larger, innovative and efficient circles!

What do you need to know about this Smart abdominal muscle training?
During pregnancy, many mothers experience lesion of the right abdominal muscle, when the connective tissue distanciates from centre, at the navel line, in vertical direction. The separation of abdominal right muscles, named in Latin diastasis recti, is not just an aesthetic problem, but it can also cause many other problems. The abdominal muscle becomes weaker, its supportive function gets weaker, so it presses a greater weight on the muscles of the small basin, the pelvis, the muscles of the spine and the muscles around the spine.

This method of developing and regenerating abdominal muscles offers an extremely effective solution to this condition!

However, its use and practice is also recommended in the following special cases:
- in case of inguinal hernia, herniated disc, umbilical hernia;
- in various affections of the spine and joints;
- in the case of pregnant women, beginning from the second trimester of pregnancy, performing the series of movements especially created for pregnant women;
- after birth by caesarean section.

Or you just simply want an aesthetic, trained, muscular abdomen? To get rid of abdominal fat, of the coals on your stomach, to get rid of the extra pounds?

These specific movements can be performed in complete safely, also in the above-mentioned states, because the exercises are aimed at the development of abdominal muscles, without affecting in any way the spine, other risk factors being also excluded.

How can it be taught and practiced?
The basics are learned within an introductory course or upon individual training, where you will also know - within the anamnesis made by your authorized trainer - your group of diagnosis. Depending on the group, you will be able to perform certain series of moves, according to the trainer's recommendations, which will follow you along the way. You can then practice under the guidance of the authorized trainer at the gym, or individually, at home.

You can learn the technique also online if you posess a minimum technical equipment, Skype, Wiber, FaceTime, or other Internet telephony networks and a webcam. You can request online sessions, as well as tracking sessions, exercises.

I am interested in these techniques of developing and regenerating abdominal muscles! I have other questions related to this techniques! I wish to take part in an introductory course or individual training!

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