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„About receiving my daughter and not only!
Over the years, I have had many gynecological problems: polyhistical ovarian syndrome, uterine wound, very short cycle of 14 days. Having these disorders the indications were hormonal treatments in the situation where they are not regulated within a predetermined period. Surfing on the net, I came accross AVIVA gymnastics and I immediately called Andrea. I was glad that I would be able to learn and practice this movement system even in Brasov. In September, last year, we got to the introductory course and we immediately started training under the guidance of Andreea. Along the way, I asked for a customized nutrition and lifestyle program and I tried to keep these programs seriously. In January I found out that I was going to have a baby, a little girl. I learned the gymnastics of pregnant women and I practiced it throughout my entire pregnancy period. Despite all my previous problems, I had an easy pregnancy and I gave birth naturally, without any problem! The result is a beautiful little girl with velvety skin, who is loved by the entire family. I want to thank Andreea for her perseverance, advice and constant encouragement!”

(Hanga was born in September 2017! Her mother has practices Aviva in our group for nearly a year and it looks like the result did not delay)

„I'm 57 years old, I've been practicing this art of gymnastic for four and a half years. I thought, at this age, osteoporosis is starting to threaten us, and I have got to do something to prevent it. This movement with effect on the hormonal system increases the level of estrogen hormones and thus offers protection to the bone mass, which is extremely important at the age of menopause. I decided wisely when I chose this form of movement! I feel great, I am full of energy, lust for life, I have become more balanced and more resilient. My muscles of the spine and knees, which were previously weakened, strengthened. Last week I had a DEXA control, I was very curious what my doctor would tell me. At one point he asked me what sport am I doing. When I toled him, he nodded approvingly, said he heared about this form of gymnastics and it is very good! My results were perfect, according to my age, no loss of bone mass nor osteoporosis! I recommend this kind of movement to all ladies starting from the age of 18 until 80! You will feel the beneficial effect as soon as you start practicing it! ”

(feedback from V.B.M, an enthusiastic practitioner, in June 2017)

„My name is Lenke Szasz, I am 56 years old. During my childhood  extremely ugly rashes appeared on my skin and after the doctors searched for a reason for years, I was finally diagnosed with psoriasis. The illness has made my childhood, teenage, youth, very difficult, and at the age of 38 I suddently got well.
In 2013, after a luxation of my wrist, I woke up in the morning and did not know, which hand hurts harder. The laboratory results showed high rheumatoid factor. I immediately went to the dermatologist as I was sure it was a complication due to psoriasis. He sent me to the rheumatologist, and the rheumatologist told me that good results were achieved with cytostatics, but if I can still bear the pain, we can wait with this treatment. Well, I learned to live with this pain.
In June 2015 my cervical side started to ache. It is true that it has hurt me even until then, but this time it was an incomparable pain with what I have felt before, I could not close my eyes at night. The physiotherapist sent me to do blood tests, and again I was sent to see the rheumatologist. Based on the results, I found out that the rheumatoid factor reached 12 times the normal level, and the liver enzymes also increased considerably. Then I met Andrea for the first time, I did not know her, I just knew she was a nutritionist.
We met in July 2015 and at that time is when I received my customized diet program. I put into practice all the recommendations of diet and lifestyle immediately the next day. I cook my meals personally every day, I bring my meals to work in boxes. I love cooking very much! I invent something new every day, so that I can consume my favorite recipes. I eat plenty of tasty food!
I have lost 8 kilos in a half year (everything I put on myself during menopause), and my lab indicators changed greatly in a good way, my rheumatoid factor level dropped by 30% and my liver enzyme values returned to normal. My overall status has improved considerably, although I have had difficult times as well.
Since then, a year and a half has passed. I still keep the diet recommended by Andrea, I do sports, in the way she told me to. My bad days are more and more rare, in the autumn - when my symptomps usualy increased considerable, - I have almost gone through without any problems. I made the best decision when I turned to Andreea. I cannot address my thanks to her in words! "

(told by Lenke in January 2017)

„We are Eszter and Gabor, we live in Brasov and started AVIVA gymnastics in May.
I really wanted a baby. Previously we tried unsuccessfully for three and a half years. We went through  numerous medical examinations and 2 artificial inseminations.
Then we decided to prepare for the next insemination through another method, so we found AVIVA. At this stage, we knew almost nothing about this type of gymnastics and its numerous success stories. It was brought to our attention by an acquiantance, but at first we did not take it into account, only after the second failed insemination did we start thinking about this opportunity, perhaps our subconscious has guided us on this road.
We both started the gymnastics, me, twice a week, my husband once a week. We felt tremendously good, we went to class with great pleasure. Meanwhile, we also did the personalized diets, which we followed seriously, so we tried to pay maximum attention to our whole lifestyle as we were preparing for the third artificial insemination.
But that has not happened, for due to the glory of the Lord and the gymnastics, I got pregnant naturally, and now I am wearing my baby under my heart!
We are grateful beyond words and we recommend this special method to all couples who face infertility, because everyone should try everything and hope should never be forgotten. We believed in this method from the first moment, it's incredible that we have succeeded only after four months of practice! We still can not believe it!
Thank you AVIVA, thank you Andrea!"

(Esther and Gabor told their story in October 2016)

„Since January I've been able to drop 7 kilos!"

(feedback received on Facebook from I.GY. in July 2016)

The results of my thyroid function have arrived. I am very happy because there has been no inflammation, and the TSH is dropping continuously, not requiring an increase of medical dosage  (it was 2.77, 2.67, 2.54, now it is 2.38)."

(feedback received from V.Z. in May 2016)

„I managed to bring order to my chaotic way of life. I'm careful what I eat, how much I eat, how I eat. This habit itself is already a wonderful result, but I have also managed to lose weight. Iron and vitamin D were regulated in my body, which is the plus of pluses. Thank you."

(anonymous feedback from the annual poll survey questionnaires, 2016)

„I want others to know about my results. Due to the AVIVA Method, my menstrual pains have completely disappeared, although I only have three weeks of exercise. It really works! If you add the recommended exercises before your period, the success is guaranteed!"

(K. has shared her experience in September 2015) 

„My father is consistently practicing his personalized perineal gymnastic. His goal was to solve his urinary incontinence. Following a prostate surgery, the tissues wounded, resulting a severe incontinence. Living in the countryside and being accustomed to intense physical work, one of his main motivations was to recover his muscles so that he could lift heavier objects again, without needing corrective tools. He wanted to strengthen the pelvic muscles and the urinary sphincter and thus stop the involuntary loss of urine. After the completion of the three-month base program, the results are as follows: the initial state has improved so that day-to-day activities can be performed as before. Preventively, the absorber is placed in the morning, but it is always taken out dry in the evening! He does the maintenance part with the same enthusiasm, perseverance, and consistency."

(the daughter of B.P. has sent us her father's results in November 2015) 

„I have had a three centimeter fibroid in the uterus. I received medical treatment for a short period of time, after which I started practicing AVIVA regularly for about two years with the motivation to get rid of this fibroid. I have radically changed my lifestyle by adopting a proper diet. I'm doing exercise, I've learned and practice some breathing techniques, and I'm constantly correcting my body's posture. Although in the first period this benign tumor increased, at the end of the second year the ultrasound showed that it decreased under one centimeter and went out of the uterus. The gynecologist told me that it no longer represents a danger. I will continue the exercise and health maintenance program. I am trying to avoid the effects of xeno-estrogens from chemicals, and I choose organic, bio, ecologic, products, substances that also protect the environment."

(told by N.A. in April 2015)

„In my opinion, the individual nutrition program and lifestyle is very good, thorough, includes everything that is important. Experience: "directs" the body on the right path, requires much attention, regularity."

(anonymous feedback from the annual poll survey questionnaires, 2016)

„I have tried all kinds of weight loss programs and diets. I managed to really destroy my metabolism. I was facing the yo-yo effect every year, and I was getting worse. I have kept the program applied to the genetic pattern, the characteristics of the metabolism and the individual anamnesis for more than 8 months, and even if I advance step by step, I think I'm on the right track. I feel better, and I have not put a pound on me anymore."

(told G. in December 2016)

„With this complex and individualized diet, I managed to obtain the followings: I can maintain my weight more than a year, prior to this my weight varied widely up and down, I have no more eczema on my hands, I am more energetic and more active. In one word, I feel really good!"

(mentioned I., in January 2017)

„I asked Andreea for help with my boy, because unfortunately he's suffering from obesity. When I received the individual protocol, I understood that changes can not be achieved otherwise than by a radical and constant change of lifestyle, which must continue throughout our entire life. What I like the most is that we also get a lot of practical tips on how to introduce the changes in a way as my boy doesn't feel frustrated."

(told N.T. in October 2016)

„For years I thought that supplements will solve all my health problems. But it was not the case, on the contrary, I was feeling more and more powerless, more exhausted,  my hair was falling out in an amount that scared me. If I had used these supplements rationally, just those which I needed, I think I would not have been in this situation. Now I already know that a healthy lifestyle and regular diet can not be replaced by supplements, which, as their name says, come just in addition to something. It's good to ask the experts' advice and choose together the necessary supplements, because yes, many times we need them, but its not indifferent what we swallow, in what dose, when and in what composition, combination."

(feedback from A. in February 2016)

„You taught me the method for men, because I had specific problems. Although I did sport in my life and have a good physical condition, I would never have thought that this kind of movement, which at first seemed so simple, would work me so hard. It involves completely different muscles, I have never met something like this, the muscular fever the next day was a little bit of surprise. But afterwards I started practicing this type of gymnastic and the positive results did not delay to appear. I practiced this method and in parallel took the supplements prescribed by a doctor. After three months, the number and mobility of sperms have improved. We hope to achieve our ultimate goal as soon as possible."

(feedback from F.M in August 2016)

„Everybody wants to lose weight, but I could never get fat, no matter how much I eat. And the doctor told me that I needed to put a few pounds on me, but no method was working. With this program, I finally managed to put on 3 kg!"

(feedback from E., received in November 2016)

Have you already achieved good results with the support of our specialists? We are waiting for your feedback!

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