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A summer recipe for a beautiful skin

A healthy skin also needs feeding inside.

With my FeelGoodSmart colleagues, we created a light, summery drink for Yumm. Through the combination of carefully selected ingredients, this exciting recipe (for one person) moisturizes your skin from inside out on hot summer days.

The base is a 300 gr. light yogurt, thin with a little spring water, to which we add a few pieces (seven – eight) of pine seed, two teaspoons of forest cranberries and a teaspoon of fresh ginger root juice.

We mix all the ingredients until we get a refreshing and stylish mix. Pour it in a tall glass and enjoy a delicious and moisturizing drink for your skin! You can refine it with a little grated black chocolate and decorate it with mint leaf.

A healthy and beautiful taste!

To feed your skin effectively through nutrition, movement and hormone-balance, visit us at! Join our community and reach your health goals!

Radiate really, inside out!

Author: Andrea Nagy
Date of last change: 19.07.2018., 13:39

Spice your food!

Spices do not only give the flavor and essence of our foods, but also contain valuable active substances, which can not be obtained from other sources, such as: alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, terpenoids, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

The spices were already known by the ancient Egyptians, who used it mainly as medication, while the Romans and Greeks used it for preservation. During the history we can also find spices with values competing with the price of gold.

It is undeniable that these flavors greatly increase the taste of food, but their use is also important in the context of a complete and balanced nutrition. In the time of mega dozes, a caractheristic of the consumer society, a balanced approach to spice is often neglected, although in the long run a moderate and varied consumption is the most advantageous. In special situations these can be used in higher doses, as forms of treatments, but in all these cases it is necessary to take into consideration the health condition and apply them according to the bio-individual characteristics. Their balanced and diversified consumption brings benefits to the body and joy to the senses.

I am often asked, if more special, more exotic spices can be used in safety, or just those that are found locally. Spices have been used since the 13th century, being transported through adventurous cruises from India to Europe, which is why they are highly valued and precious. We have no reason to have any reservations about their consumption, especially as nowadays the local cultivation of many of them has become widely spread and accepted. It is recommended that spices be eaten fresh, or dried whole, and not as powdered, filtered.
One of my favorite spice is cardamom. I use it for cakes, drinks and steaks. I recently prepared this mango drink, spiced with cardamom.
Ingredients: 300 grams of ripe mango, 2 decylitres of water, 4 decylitres of natural yogurt, 2 centimeters of ginger, lemon juice from one lemon, 4 green cardamom seeds, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of pink pepper.
Preparation: Mix all the ingredients until you get a thick mixture. Pour in glasses and enjoy a delicious and spicy drink!

Try this fragrant drink! What is your favorite spice? In what foods, drinks do you use it? You can send us your answer by e-mail or directly through the website!

Author: Andrea Nagy
Date of last change: 05.11.2017., 18:48

4 ideas on how to create a personalized, functional lifestyle program

1. Get to know yourself!

In modeling your lifestyle, beyond the psychological context of self-knowledge, you must also apply the knowledge of your body's functioning, as well as a more comprehensive analysis of your daily habits and program.

Here are two examples of personal professional practice that illustrate the importance of the above.

My client, Anamaria, has kept various modern diets for a long time, until the negative effects that have accumulated over the years have led to serious metabolic problems. Within a comprehensive anamnesis, it has been found that in her body the level of lipids in the blood is genetically low and their use in her metabolism is not appropriate. And Anamaria has had a low-fat diet for years. This fact was just a small segment of her personalized program, in which Anamaria was able to learn about her own body's complexity, this helping her make a qualitative leap in modeling her lifestyle. She understood that she can not follow diets and lifestyle programs that have proven to be good for others just because they were perfect for another person.

And just how important it is to take into account the habits and the daily schedule, I think it can be exemplified by the next case.

In Aron's lifestyle program, the tens of kilometers daily running was a priority. He simply did not think about the fact that it would be impossible to follow this program in the long run. After several years of experimentation, Aron admitted that irregularity has largely contributed to his health problems. Analyzing his habit and his unstable program in detail, he managed to create a calendar that later included a much more balanced approach to the motion program.

2. Compare yourself to yourself, not to others!

Within the personalized programs I often meet with comparisons that are not exactly welcome. I would like to be like ..., I want to look like ..., Why am I not like ...

The frustration generated by these is usually more significant than the motivational force. For, though it's important to have standards in life, we can not follow completely irrelevant ideals, people who have a lifestyle 180 degrees far from ours.

Naturally, we can not change our body structure, nor many of our personal characteristics, as to be ideal in this context.

It's much healthier if you compare yourself to yourself and not to others! By rationally establishing your goals, by comparing your self to your own starting state!

3. Be patient and persevering! Do not go from one extreme to the other!

„I started cycling 40-50 kilometers a day, and I also followed a weight loss diet. In a single month I have already lost 5 kilos "- an acquaintance of mine told me in the spring. We met again recently and I asked her if she managed to keep the target activity program. I have learned that the lost kilos returned, as well as even a few extra ones.

An effective lifestyle program works in the long run, offering a balanced pace, not being based on restrictions and slums.

Obviously, along the way, it can be refined and modified, as life is constantly changing, but the constant pursuit of the main direction is essential in achieving results!

4. Find supporters, a welcoming community!

Supporters, a welcoming community can mean half the victory! In an environment where you get support, it's much easier to follow the defined path, and the positive feedbacks will make you more motivated!

You would like to start adapting a smart lifestyle program? You already have a functional plan? Request help! Share your practice with us!

Author: Andrea Nagy
Date of last change: 01.10.2017., 15:24

Hidrate yourself smart!

It's summer, it's hot and it's even more important to hydrate ourselves in a proper way!
In scorching heat an inappropriate fluid intake can quickly lead to dehydration of the body. But wrong habits can also accumulate over time and may have adverse health consequences. Our body constantly loses fluid, which we need to supplement continually. Preferably so as to ensure maximum absorption. The senzation of thirst appears often delayed, so we can not rely on body signs alone.

How can we supplement the fluid intake? What is the right amount we should drink? Can solid food contain liquids? Are there really beverages that have diuretic effects and  their consumption is not recommended? Well, as with all nutritional issues, the opinios highly differ in terms of supplementing water loss. This is because it is equally difficult to make general recommendations regarding the consumption of liquids, as no universal statements can be given on either side of nutrition. Personal anamnesis decisively influences the amount and type of recommended fluids. The dose is calculated based on body weight and calories consumed, but it also depends on the nutrient ratio. A proper consumption depends also on the degree of activity. And in the case of hydro-electrolyte imbalances, more precise determinations are needed. Age is also not irrelevant when it comes to liquid supplementation.

There is a wide range of liquids, and indeed they do not all hydrate optimally. There are also beverages that have diuretic effects. The liquid that hydrates for sure is water! The word hydration, according to explanatory dictionaries, means combining a chemical substance with water, or absorbing water inside a solid by adhesion. The ratio of consuming water and other liquids is still significant. Beverages that have high fructose content can not be recommended to anyone. Medicinal teas, as their names indicates, have therapeutic effects, so they can not compensate for their own the consumption of water!

Besides a proper nutrition, the best is to supplement the loss of fluids with pure water, which we shall drink in several doses during the day. It is also advisable to vary the sources of water, not to use only one kind. And  in order to create good skills, for example, to control the quantity we drink, we can use bottles with dosage, but there are also some smartphone applications that warn us during the day that we have to drink!

How much water do you drink daily? How do you hydrate yourself? Send us your opinions!

Author: Andrea Nagy
Date of last change: 01.08.2017., 16:04

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