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The field of nutrition is an infinite informational multitude. Do you often feel like you can not steer in this great amount of information? No wonder, because there is a lot of controversy, the doctrines of various currents are often 180 degrees far from each other. Trends change from day to day.You can find fast-diets, fashionable diets, experiental-based results or scientific studies, and countless conclusions, tips in particular.

Have you ever asked yourself

- What are those nutrients that bring maximum benefits to your body?
- What is the correct ratio of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) in your personal diet, and how many daily meals should you have?
- If you need supplementation with vitamins, or other minerals, vital trace elements, in what period, in what amount, in what form should you use them?
- If at certain times in your life, depending on your individual characteristics, you need a particular diet?

Can you look at your diet and the optimal lifestyle in their complexity and do you  try to get results like this?

A proper nutrition protocol can not be based on general concepts, but on an individual complex anamnesis. Each of us is a different, unique entity. A supportive diet plan is personalized and takes into account the whole history of a person: genetic predispositions, age, life cycles, physiological states, associated diseases, family history, habits, environmental influences, physical and mental activity, in a word, the entire person.

It is well-known that an unhealthy eating habit weakens the body and gets us sick. It leads to obesity or extreme weight loss, and consequently other related diseases may occur, as the food that we eat is the main fuel of the body. The most threatening eating problem of the consumer society, according to the Global Nutrition Report 2016 (* source: is the insufficient nutrition, malnutrition. Interestingly, the concept does not just mean starvation, but also obesity,due to inadequate nutrition, eating low-quality food without valuable nutrients.

The correct ratio of the main macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), but also the distribution of different types of nutrients, depends to a large extent on individual differences. Food supplements, as their name actually indicates, are only completing our nutrition, our food base. There are many controversies on the concept of healthy food, I would call it the food that contains essential, complex and valuable nutrients for our body and does not aggravate the absorption. Of course, no food can be healthy over a a certain amount, as the lack of an essential nutrient can also cause imbalances.

How many daily meals do you need? The opinions are diverse, and differ from one case to another. In the case of intense physical activities, or in certain sport performances, but also in the case of absorption disorders, some metabolic diseases, and other chronic conditions, it may be necessary to introduce several daily short-term meals, or even for a longer period of time.

A good diet should not necessarily be restrictive, but more complex and varied - I think. As a nutritionist, I am primarily interested in the polyvalent, scientific directions,  as well those based on genotype, nutrient genomics, which is also considered the science of future nutrition. How does genetic heritage influence the effect of nutrients and vice versa, how nutrients influence the manifestation of genes? - These are questions that will undoubtedly become increasingly important in future research related to nutrition.

The personalized nutrition plan helps you find the best food types, nutritional components, and nutrient ratios based on the right anamnesis, it helps you make up a functional program that you can easily follow in the long run. Depending on your life cycles and your specific states, it helps you to quickly adapt to changes. It brings you many rewards, which just gather one after the other. It does not restrict any known, preferred tastes, and more important, you can become familiar with other pleasant aromas along the way. You must primarily concentrate on diversification, on the consumption of tasty foods, and not on restrictions.
You think it will be difficult to make up your own nutrition plan by yourself? You would like to go step by step, in safety? We offer you support! You can ask for personalized nutrition plans for days, weeks or other desired intervals, that we develop based on your initial diagnosis! With tracking programs, we will accompany you on your new Smart road!

I am interested in a personalized nutrition plan, nutrition support Smart! I have other questions related to these topics! I would like to ask an appointment for consultation!

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