The story
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The story

This is how it began

I have met Brigitta in December 2014. She complained that she did not feel good for years, and her condition worsens every day. She had more than one diagnosis. She followed complex treatments, and despite the fact that she had a few shorter periods when she was actually feeling better, her ill states returned and even got worse. She never gave up, she hoped and kept fighting. She was away from her job only during medical treatments.

When I asked about her lifestyle, diet, movement program, she told me about a natural active substance, which she started to try out not long ago, because she heard that it would do good for her health. She has listed dozens of herbs, tea extracts, supplements, recalling numerous weight-loss cures, diets, and many other helpful ideas and friendly tips she has been trying out over the years. She also mentioned those internal organs on which these substances act in a wonderful way, highlighting their direct impact. During the discussion, she herself was surprised by the multitude of solutions tried along the way, which did not bring any qualitative-positive contribution to her general condition.

Then we decided to work together in reforming her lifestyle, focusing on a complex, professional, long-term program. A personalized diet with additional supplements, awareness, special motion program and psychotherapy - all were part of the protocol. Obviously, she continued the medical treatments, regularly consulting with her specialist physicians.

Today Brigitta feels wonderful and although she has had a rough start on her new road, she constantly and steadily pursues the plan. She fully understood that our body is a complex system and good physical and mental condition can only be achieved through an intelligent and constant change of lifestyle. Moreover, she has convinced some of her friends to follow this wonderful example! They all work out, cook together, share news with each other, evolve to a truly qualitative life!

About me

My name is Andrea Nagy. I put the FeelGoodSmart idea that we have dreamed together into practice.

I have not been healthy for ever, and just as Brigitta, I have gone through all the stages of lifestyle reform.

Today I am an instructor of hormonal gymnastics, nutritionist, life coach, trainer rebuild diastasis recti.
My passion is the field of health, but my qualifications and experiences are much wider. At the beginning of my career I worked for a period in the field of psycho-pedagogy, then, after obtaining all the necessary qualifications to be part of a multinational company, I worked as a Human Resources manager.

I have experienced all the branches of this exciting field, including online coordination, but unfortunately the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle have seriously affected my health. Taking into account that from the earliest age I have practiced various sports (handball, jazz ballet, fitness, dance) and movement has always been an important part of my life, finding my roots was essential for me. So I got in touch with AVIVA gymnastics, with the method LoveYourBelly and with the field of food and nutrition. The considerable improvement in the quality of my personal life has made me transform these activities into basic ones and share their benefits with other people.

Today, with my help, more and more people get beautiful results, and these successes  are a huge motivation for me. The high level of expertise, the continuous action allows us to get new and new results, so that we feel better in the long term - these are the values that I have committed myself to.

My services can be accessed online, requiring only minimal technical equipment  (Skype, or Wiber, FaceTime, or other Internet telephony  networks), webcam.

Feel Good Smart too! Do not waste your precious time, start now!

0040 723 205 997

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